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edfernan 32 M
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sex problems   7/7/2015

I had sex with girls several times, and had only sex with men 2 times. I discover that i enjoyed having sex with men than with girls. After i had sex with 2 men, i become more curious about men and have this appetite of seeing them naked. i often browsed. the net looking for naked men.i like sexy men wearing just their undies. i have a superb testosterone, and i ...

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scway69 51 M
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What if both R Bottoms   3/12/2015

I had this happen. It didn't matter between the two of us. We'd 69 goin on 2 rimming then devouring each others holes. Really, thinking back-it was a pretty cool situation!

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bigd204697 63 M
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BI OR GAY   6/11/2011


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Im fall in love with an old!!!   11/23/2010

He is really nice, and im do like him.but there has a problem.we are tooooo far away, just would meet few times in a long time!

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kjsantos15 37 M
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I often feel as though most closet cases are generally afraid to explore the bright side of things. lol I would like to take the time to say I think being confident about your sexuallity is great and it is certainly something I am getting better at. Thank you and God bless!


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rnut 30 M
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love   6/17/2010

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abidog 62 M
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A natural path   1/4/2009

I'm a married bi who didn't really get interested in guys until about eight years ago. Been married 35 yrs and am 60 yrs old.

What made me think about sex with a guy was a near death experience in the operating room. I just realized that I had a sexual only attraction to cock. I enjoy the sexual tension and fun involved in playing with guys. I am totally in love with my wife and would ...

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Serious1_83 34 M
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DL BRUHS   5/9/2008


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mookz 32 M
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prefer to be with a man soon....   3/4/2008

i never been to a girl, been with a girl but never been to sex...but to a man...yes, ive been sex with a man...i just dont know scared to have sex with a woman...i am a bicurios guy...ive been with this feeling of curiosness since i was high school..thats it!

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hufei 38 M
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love   12/8/2007

Got it all together so really just a normal guy looking for nothing complex with normal guys

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geobiguy 35 M
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to love him or not to love him.   5/9/2007

for anyone that has ever wanted to do it with their best friend but never had guts to ask him. please don't be affriad go for it i'm still working up what to say to my best friend but i'll get him to to be my lover one way or always go for what you want and don't let nothing stand in your way. who agrees with me??

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im a gay a since birht!   3/8/2007

im gay since bith but some people said that its all from the invironment.bbut fro me i think since i was a child..cause when i now about the world i felt i am much more like to feel love to a guy and thinking to have a \bsexo?\b with them than girls!for at my age of 23 im now looking for a serious type of relationship i hope this site can help me find my distiny who will love me for what i am and ...

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Am i gay?   3/7/2007

I have been asking my self this question for about a year or so and im not sure if anyone can help me with this. I have always been attracted to girls but recently i have started liking guys and i had my first real guy experience about 4 months ago and loved sucking the cock and want more of it. does this make me gay or just plain bi or am i straight with a gay fantasy? i havent tried anal ...

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Asteroth2 63 M
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Male Slaves & SMBD, CBT, The Doc speaks on!   2/13/2007

Now here's a Heading you young guys can get your teeth into! Way down deep you all know you have had and HAVE the desire to serbve another, DOMINANT MAN and be MADE to care for his sexual needs, wants and desires no matter what they are. Let's see how many of you have balls enough to admit to this and come on down and speak your minds kiddies. I am always looking for an over 18 slave ...

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Asteroth2 63 M
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Bisexuality? Males? bullsh[i!1l]t! No Such thing!   2/13/2007

After so many books written in my years on this subject and so many lectures, i find it insane that the subject is still being discussed and bantered about. IF you are a MALE and SEEK OUT THE sexual companionship of another MALE, OVER that iof a female, yolu are are NOT straight kiddies so stop trying to make yourselves feel better thinking that you were or arer NOT a ...

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justjacknstl 59 M
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Interracial Groups   1/19/2007

For a while now I have been interested in seeking out and possibly joining a chapter of the National Association of Black and White Men Together. However, there does not seem to be any chapter or group of BWMT in my area. On their national site, I located an email address for someone purportedly associated with such a group here in St. Louis. I sent off an email, but ...

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i think my brother might be bi   12/9/2006

i think my brother is bi should i make a move

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0769E 69 M
3  Articles
My second date with someone new   12/2/2006

My second date with someone new.
My first ever date was a terrible first date. Even though some of you don't believe the story. I meet my new friend about three months later. Nothing sexually happened. Just a nice afternoon of talking and getting to know each other. He was bigger than me but not by much. We had a good time and I decided to take a chance and ...

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cross dressing   11/11/2006

Do you find that it is normal to wear womens underwear if you are gay and does this make you more gay.

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Guilt free?   11/9/2006

Married guy here who has a buddy who is also married. We have been in a closed-loop relationship for over a year. I don't feel any guilt about our relationship. Should I?

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annac3 59 M
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Mr. Gay USA Contest   10/27/2006

The Mr. Gay USA contest was helled in NC last week. Almost all the drag kings walked out of the contest before it was finish, because they over herd the judges fixing the the out come of the contest. Law suite are pending. all theses contest'nt payed $1000. to be in this contest.

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emo18 31 M
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.............   10/2/2006

wud u consider urself a bisexual or gay??...

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gentleguy2006 70 M
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not confused just not connected   9/26/2006

I have been married three times and had a ball sexually in between. I like women and having \bsexo?\b with women. I enjoy men too...some more than others.
When I was in college, a gay guy kept hitting on me until I finally said ok. He invited me to his apartment and told me to undress and shower. He laid me on the bed and rimmed me and gave me a blowjob. At the time, I ...

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gay guy that i want   9/18/2006

i want to get him into to the bathroom and exprole his body inch by inch he has long blond hair and goes to ivy tech

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hot summer.   8/23/2006

was in the coast, when look a preety boy. his skin was very bronceated, and body, attractiv. also look me, after going to a bar, tell for a gaseosous, and me, near to him. talk us.after, went to a rocks and get see this genial body.the nadators have a good body. went a february genial.

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girl genial.   8/14/2006

In past years, my first date whit a woman went in the month of october. are genial, like person and body.cause her hair are blonde, and her lips are fines.came of a fest, whit a friend girl, and ask me, if have time for speak, cause see us in the institute.respond to her, yes.late, go us , among of a forest , near of the institute.talking, late begin to touch me.i am ...

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muguangshun 37 M
1  Article
Likes is likes   8/14/2006

Likes the man not having the reason, explained not clearly, as if a birth is destined

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MAKE CUM   8/9/2006


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LOOKING FOR A GUY!!   8/9/2006


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Chris876 40 M
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Bisexuallity and coming out   7/31/2006

I am new to this site and I am a married bisexual guy. I have found it very difficult to come "out" and was wondering if anyone has some advise about this problem and I would like to know how they came thru it. My wife knows and the people Ive been with know, but otherwise thats it.

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0769E 69 M
3  Articles
A drive to nowhere special   7/26/2006

I needed to get out of the house for awhile so I hopped into my Jeep. I didn’t have any special place I was going I just wanted to go for a drive. I was driving for about 15 minutes listening to some music when I saw this really nice bar. I pulled over and parked in the parking lot. I enter and sat at the corner of the bar. The bar tender greeted me and asked what I would like. I ...

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Royce4 49 M
7  Articles
Narcissus   7/17/2006

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hero who was renowned for his beauty and his pride
Ameinias, a young man, loved Narcissus but was scorned. To tell Ameinias off, Narcissus gave him a sword as a present. Ameinias used the sword to kill himself on Narcissus' doorstep and prayed that Narcissus would one day know the pain of unrequited love. This curse was fulfilled when Narcissus ...

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Royce4 49 M
7  Articles
Injured ic Cairo   7/16/2006

Mf friend Kurt sent me the following email when he heard I was seeing a Saudi/Greek guy:
Mighty Tut-uncommon,
What the hell are you trying to do, get your head cut off for the benefit of CNN junkies? Can there be a more volatile mixture (outside of C4 and TNT) than a Saudi and a Greek? What are they attempting over there by breeding such a creature? Perfect the ...

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Royce4 49 M
7  Articles
LoveBites   7/13/2006

So I go out the other night to meet a friend at a bar & he blows me off. Anyway, this hot Egyptian guy keeps checking me out, so I am getting rather turned on. We had a drink together….turns out he’s married. Long story short we go back to my apt and do some heavy petting ‒ no sex, . Had an amazing orgasm though ‒ felt like the power of 4. This morning I wake ...

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Royce4 49 M
7  Articles
Last night in Cairo   7/12/2006

More adventures in Cairo city….
So I go out last night to meet a friend at a bar & he blows me off. Anyway, this hot Egyptian guy keeps checking me out, so I am getting rather turned on. We had a drink together….turns out he’s married. Long story short we go back to my apt and do some heavy petting ‒ no sex, . This morning I wake up and look in the ...

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fdsf ds fds   6/21/2006

f dsf ds fdsf ds

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is Bisexuality a fact?   6/21/2006

i dont belive that a man can be attracted to men and women , do u belive in bisexuality ?...

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looking under his dress   6/12/2006

i went over to a guy's house while his wife was out of town and he was dressed in drag. he had me strip naked and he helped me into red panties being carefully the narrow back covered my anxious puckered hole. i soon had on a bra, stockings, high heels, and a short black velvet dress that left everything very accessible. we went into his den and watched x-rated movies and i noticed he was ...

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my first sex   5/12/2006

when i was a kid i all wats have these gay feeling but i all ways hear people saying it is wrong then why do i have these feeling any way i met this guy we are friend for a long time he came to my home one day we were there talking he lie on my bed my body was doing it's own thing so i bend over an kiss him not know what he would say are do but he said do it again so we started to kiss and ...

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magixbox 27 M
3  Articles
Brief, Boxer or Nothing   4/25/2006

who here wear brief, boxer or nothing... post ur answer so other will be able to look through

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magixbox 27 M
3  Articles
Spit or Swallow   4/25/2006

just wanna know that other prefer spit or swallow...oh and do u like the taste of it??

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Gayor Bi whats the differance   4/12/2006

Who gives a shit what the partner is so long as ur getting what u want.

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dee1062 62 M
1  Article
to be not to be   4/4/2006

I am very bi....But when I look at a female I want to be her or look like her....when I look at a male I want to have sex....I have been with females and enjoyed it but also have been with males and WOW.....

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test test test test test   3/29/2006

test test test test test


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test test test test test   3/29/2006

test test test test test
[handle horny_lil18]...

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zitrovic_99 40 M
1  Article
love   3/14/2006

hi i want my new friend...

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bi and happy   3/5/2006

my bisexual experiences started at high school. it only ever went as far as touching until i joined the navy. while i was on the ship there was a lot of gay guys who tricked me into coming to their rooms. i knew wat was going to happen, but i was so curious at this point. later on in yrs i met a girl whom i was wi for 10 yrs. she was the 1st person i told about my bi side. she was also bi ...

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bayot76 41 M
6  Articles
Just a comment guys   3/2/2006

just a comment on some of this people talking on bi's and their experience with someone, its nice to be with someon whom you really liked and loved, and theres no aprticular on bi's, as for me i am bi, but im proud to be it coz theres nothing wrong with that, and telling you guys that having a relationship with bisex is nice. this is reality.

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screwing my co-woker reveiled the true me   2/15/2006

hey watz up folks? so i got dis major problem i started working wit dis sexy co-worker of mine recently and we started getting aquainted i told her that i was bi and she started to text me at night asking me how and wat i do wit u know who, she says she always want to be with a woman or another man but her man doesn't allow it , to cut a long story short i ended up going to her house every ...

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my first time   2/11/2006

I had always PLAYED with boys from an early age . My best friend Philip started it off one day when we were swimming . There was no one else at the river spot we used so he suggested we take our trunks off, we swam for a while then had a rest. As we sat I kept looking at his willy as he kept stroking it, not bothered at all. He saw me watching and asked did I do it too, I was a little shy ...

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ex Air Force friend   2/3/2006

When I was in the Air Force living in the barracks, Chet used to joke about showering and not only dropping the soap, but the ivory snow flakes. He treated me like a younger brother.When it came to discussing sexual stuff he was quite funny, but made me blush sometimes. One time he showed me an Air Force movie shown to expecting mothers. It showed a baby being delivered. Later, after we ...

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about   1/30/2006

Hey guys, what do you think about this site?

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1  Article
THIS SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1/26/2006

I've been a member for weeks and no e-mails, winks or E-mails (on ADULT FRIEND FINDER i'm overloaded.). was hoping this site would weed out the one nighter's or a couple of week nighters or month long's.. am really hoping to meet my MATE!!!!!!!!!!!

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sebas18 30 M
2  Articles
bi men are alright   12/30/2005

i do not know what it is but guys that are known to be straight are always trying to pick me up.i have want out with a few and they were really nice.they just know how to hold you and do the right things.usually it is a one night atand or for the whole weekend. i am ususally to shy to talk to them again and i ignore them.but i have never been with the same guy again because i usually ignore ...

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sistormrider 63 M
1  Article
oral sex   12/30/2005

oral sex is fun with the right people. But when someone new and they demand, it . Its Ok with the right person but in some case it not fun.

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myerwin 30 M
11  Articles
why there are bi persons who really love sex?   12/27/2005

one night when my cousins were drunk someone go to his side and ask something and it was too weird because he ask for sex, that person don't wear a girl thing or even dress in girl. He ask my cousin can we have sex, my cousin ask him too "are you a bi" and the person was stuck and did'nt say anything but damn. In a short while my cousin decided to have sex with that person and so with ...

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bobytheb 59 M
1  Article
one way or the other ???   12/23/2005

I have found that as i get older my preferences have been changing... originally was attracted to women only. then at about 25 found an attraction to men... for years i was truely a bi man.... Now at 47 i find myself being attracted more to men.. still enjoy a woman occasionally but men seem to be more fun... what are your experiences with this ?

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blowngo94 51 M
1  Article
can it work?   12/17/2005

i am married and have been for 15yrs. i discovered a long time ago i enjoy men however it has only been recently that i have done anything about it. i love my wife and she loves me and we have a great sex life and personal relationship. i have also fallen in love with a 28yr old man who also loves me. in both relationships we enjoy each others company and both partners know about each ...

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nydear0905 49 M
2  Articles
LOVING YOU?   12/16/2005

#silence is the friend that never, betrays. <br> #love is blind, but friendship closes it's eyes. <br> an ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship. <br> #my father always to say that when, you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life. <br> # your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. ...

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welshhubby4fun 44 M
1  Article
Live And Learn ?   12/14/2005

Im a bisexual man and have always been attracted to both men and women, and i dont think that i could ever be monogamous because i of my moral boundaries as in i dont have any lol. sraight people have all the women in the world to choose from, so to speak, and gay people have all the men to choose from, bisexuals have everybody to choose from, you work it out !! <br> But as a ...

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goldenboy787 63 M
1  Article
I JUST AM NOT SURE?   12/11/2005

I am 52 years old and for the last five years i have been i have become more and more interestd in men. I JUST DONT KNOW WHY? and its quite worrying!!. I am somtimes disscusted in myself, when i get this strange desire to have a man cum in my mouth. Please tell me whats going on???

13 Comments, 384 Views, 17 Votes ,3.97 Score
nydear0905 49 M
2  Articles

what's your most self-defeatng belief?is it that you believe you aren't good enough?or lucky enough? maybe you believe you dont deserve success, or that other people control your destiny.

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Saga 34 M
1  Article
Could Have Been   10/31/2005

Could Have Been <br> <br> <br> I don’t know why this pen starts to write <br> All I know is you’re inside my mind <br> Let’s be honest nothing has been right <br> Never has there been any good bind <br> <br> <br> We could have been two towers beside one another <br> Gentle in chat ...

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test test Bisexual Issues Bisexual IssuesBisexual Issues Bisexual Issues test test   10/11/2005

test ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY - The magazine is for original material written by members. Any plagiarized material will be removed from the site test

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beon662 39 M
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Don`t you all just love being Bi!   9/21/2005

Don`t you all just love being bi? I can see how alot of people stuff it up but if you get it right you can have your cake and eat it too!! Imagine you could marry two people at once and have wild kinky sex on your honeymoon!! I am looking for other bi men to e-mail me and tell me all about there experiences so don`t be shy I want to know!! <br> Posted by ...

4 Comments, 357 Views, 13 Votes ,3.14 Score
Wanna Have 2 partners   9/5/2005

Is it strange to feel you wanna have 2 partner? this feeling is new, i.e: I feel I am happy when I am with a guy no matter how much time I spend. <br> But newly , I feel that I wanna have a girl partner !!!!! Is it a kind of or a process of changing??!!?!?!?!?!?!?! <br> <br> <br> Recently , I have tried 2 partners. I am in a very so ...

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couple sexual ple   9/1/2005

Brook and was attending Stony Brook university, so I often rode my bike to the campus. During the summer, the campus was very quite and deserted most of the time. Even though I rode my bike to campus, I would usually walk with the bike on the campus walkways. One time, while walking with the bike on campus, I noticed a man sitting on a bench. He was apparently ...

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I don't really like being with Bi guys   8/26/2005

The thing is that I wanna meet a good man that will love and care for me , not the case of most Bi guys , they just wanna have fun with u and after they'll go home to see their women ! U're forgotten ! Lonely and nothing left ! I hate that !

3 Comments, 258 Views, 11 Votes ,3.17 Score
alternative-fun/bi-friendship,indians   8/18/2005

well bi-fun India is of latest adventures that people r expressing themselves, still i doubt if its even 1 percent, anyway lets hope its more by another 10 or 15 years, wish 45plus guys/indians do come out more openely, as i m 35, n i luv 45 plus, lol

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vstarguy 56 M
1  Article
People Just Want To enjoy Sex!!!   8/13/2005

I myself along with my wife do not find anything wrong or wierd about being BI...We both are and like the life style... We know it is not for everyone but let those you choose to live this life style enjoy it...As long as no one is getting hurt, or no cheatting on your spouse ( like so many married men do ) why not just admite to ones self the they are BI... It can be and has been a hell of ...

5 Comments, 406 Views, 21 Votes ,6.71 Score
home alone   8/4/2005

am basically straight but just love to suck a cock occasially don't desire any reciprocation. Just the way I am. I have a regular guy who comes by once or twice a month and really injoys me sucking him off. He was over to my houise in Ft. Worth yesterday and was telling me he had a friend who he wanted to bring by to meet me. He said the guy is really hung. He called this morning ...

7 Comments, 821 Views, 42 Votes ,6.78 Score
A bi pool party   8/4/2005

"THE POOL PARTY!" <br> With summer is here again, I would like to tell you about an encounter I had last summer (and hope to have again). I went downtown to check out a bar I had heard about. I have been to gay bars a few times, but this bar was suppose to be one that both gays and straights went to. I thought that maybe it would be different than going to a bar for one or the ...

8 Comments, 892 Views, 54 Votes ,8.63 Score
Dinner & Dessert!   7/18/2005

My wife was out of town on business, so there was no need for me to hurry home from the office. I thought I'd go downtown and do some shopping before heading back out to our home in the burbs. I stopped by one of my favorite bars, had a quick beer and set out to visit some new stores that had just opened. <br> As I waited for the crosswalk light to change I noticed an ...

8 Comments, 696 Views, 37 Votes ,7.89 Score
Man in Uniform   7/16/2005

I was always attracted to a man in uniform. I conjecture it was because when I was a kid, all military men had to wear their uniforms when on leave or shore duty. Of course there were always the firemen and police. I assumed it was the "hero" image we all have kooked up to. <br> I was living in an apartment building in Oakland one year. Living in the same building was 2 or ...

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barebunsdaddy 57 M
1  Article
Telling one's Family/Coming Out of the Closet   7/2/2005

For many years I lived with a deep secret carrying it around in my heart, my mind, and my being. Longing to be able to talk to my family to express myself to truely be me. As you grow the acceptable family view is marry, have children, and raise a family. But what do you do if that isn't how you feel inside? Fearing family rejection I married, had children and raised them. I love my ...

0 Comments, 151 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
Why by men tend to be "One Night Stands" type of people   6/24/2005

Being one myself, that is to say a BI man, I can speak from experience, at least on some levels since the first rule is that everyone is unique. <br> Personally, I find myself attracted to both genders, and depending on the day and my mood this attraction varies from one side of the fence to the other. Some days I can look at a woman and fantasies about being with her, other days ...

2 Comments, 352 Views, 16 Votes ,5.04 Score
Bi vs. Gay fun   6/3/2005

The question has been brought to me recently and I keep wondering what the difference is between gay friends and bi friends. I'd have to say that when i'm with my bi friends I feel like I'm just hanging with a friend and then usually we have fun later, but when i'm with a gay friend i feel like he is trying to be a female and not just have fun or hang out and talk. Tell me if this makes ...

9 Comments, 531 Views, 33 Votes ,4.71 Score
they are weird   5/28/2005

why are bisexual people so whorish they just wanna have a form of sex then never talk to again.

5 Comments, 261 Views, 20 Votes
How do you cope   4/30/2005

How does one cope with being married and bi? What are the reasons behind maintaining a double life. I've done this for years and only try to protect my family and kids and myself obviously, but life would be so much simpler if we could just open that closet door and not be victimised for what we need as bisexual men.

11 Comments, 418 Views, 25 Votes ,4.35 Score
lilfreaky17 32 M
16  Articles
You Are My Song!   4/24/2005

You are the song Playing so softly in my heart I reach for you You seem so near And yet so far I hope and I pray You'll be with me someday I know down inside That you are mine & I'm your true love Or am I dreaming... <br> How can I Each time I try, you say goodbye You were there You look my way, I touch the sky We can share tomorrow and forevermore I'll be ...

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mrpw1952 65 M
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Bi or Not Bi ( You Tell Me)   4/10/2005

I am a married man that doesn't have sex with his wife and don't want. I find myself more and more attracted to men but mostly attracted to effiminate men. Once i find the person that will except me for being who I am I will commit to a relationship whole heartedly.

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whell 30 M
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mostly bi men r real playa   3/7/2005

most of bisexuals r such a player, i mean most of them would only give u a one night stand, then it ends just at it is.... why do they do that?

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hharbottlelax 57 M
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Dating Bye Men   2/20/2005

I have dated Bi men and they have always broken my heart. They don't seem to know the meaning of the word monogamous. If I found one that could be I would probably marry him in a minute, however at 45 my own best advise is steer clear of em cause they will break your heart every time!

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Strange but is it acceptable?   2/15/2005

Ok so I met this guy quite recently who is a closeted bisexual or as he puts it "GAY BUT UNSURE" I wont be naming names but this person is way to confused about his orientation that it drives me up the wall.. What i dont understand is why would a bisexual guy not accept the fact that he is BISEXUAL even though he is swinging toward MEN more he says he enjoys women as well but not as much as ...

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I just love Bisexual Men   2/9/2005

Yes its true.. I hv this big thing for Bi men, prolly cause they know how to satisfy a person under the sheets.. Well ok not all bi men but some do.. butch gay men are hot too by butch i mean STRAIGH-ACTING and trust me there is no such thing as straight-acting, the true term for it is butch.. i guess this is another reason why i love Bi men... Especially the tall muscular ones.. mmm..

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