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Gay FriendFinder Forum List

By marking your blog as part of a Forum, more members will be able to read and comment on it, giving you more visibility and more profile views! Public forums are sorted by a variety of topics. Share your thoughts with the entire Gay FriendFinder community - start a new Forum post today!

Forum Name Last Posted On
Advice (55 Posts)
Love advice, relationship advice, this is the topic for you.
Aging/Age Difference (13 Posts)
For those with older or younger partners, as well as all other age related topics.
Automobiles (2 Posts)
The spot for groups about sports cars, classic buggies and everything in-between.
Bears/Cubs (4 Posts)
Bears, cubs, or trappers, this is the spot to find men with facial hair, a cuddly body, and a solid level of comfort with their own masculinity and body size.
Bisexuals (70 Posts)
Groups for people who enjoy sex with both men and women and for those experimenting with homosexual relationships.
Blogging (40 Posts)
Groups for Bloggers to trade ideas with fellow Bloggers and discuss the future of the Blogosphere.
Body Hair (4 Posts)
From the fully furry to smooth bare bodies, this is the place to post your preferences.
Body modification/piercing/tatto (1 )
Books/Magazines (1 )
For readers, writers, publishers, and artists to discuss their favorite Gay media.
Cities/Neighborhoods (3 Posts)
Get to know your neighbor through these groups about specific cities and neighborhoods.
Computers/Internet (5 Posts)
Groups focused on technology, computers, Internet advances and all thing Web related.
Cooking (2 Posts)
From gourmet meals to campfire grub, Cooking is the place for food and how to prepare it.
Education/Schools/Alumni (2 Posts)
This is the place to discuss on campus activism, Gay Fraternities, and gay issues that affect undergrad and graduate students.
Entertaining (5 Posts)
Like to have guests over and prepare a big to do?
Entertainment (32 Posts)
Fans of all types can be found sharing the gossip on their favorite show, actor, or performer.
Business owners, visionaries, and those who look up to them - post your views and opinions here!
Exhibitionism (11 Posts)
For those who like to display their bodies or perform sexual acts in front of others. What’s fun, what’s safe, and legal issues involved.
Fashion (11 Posts)
Always at the height of fashion and consider that clothes make the man? Come on in and post about clothing, design, and color coordination.
Fitness/Sports (3 Posts)
This is the place for those who enjoy working out, the burn of tired muscles, weekend warriors, and the men who love them.
Food and Wine (3 Posts)
Have a taste for the finer things in life? Gourmets can post here about their favorites in the food and wine world.
GLBT News (4 Posts)
Current events in the community that affects GLBT life.
Gardening (1 )
A gathering place for green thumbs, farmers, and those who just love plants.
Gay Clubs/Nightlife (28 Posts)
Post about the hottest gay spots and nightclubs!
Gay Parenting/Adoption (2 Posts)
For those who want to become a parent, thinking of adoption, and working through the process to become a guardian to your partner's children.
Gay Pride festivals (6 Posts)
The place to post about your local festivals, volunteer groups, and charity events.
Government & Politics (1 )
Covers the spectrum of political topics, including regional, national and international politics, human rights, public policy, political candidates and officials, voting, political commentary and humor.
Forum Name Last Posted On
HIV/Aids (3 Posts)
Infection, testing, treatments, reinfection - this is the place to post regarding HIV and AIDS.
Health (18 Posts)
For people interested in sexual and non-sexual health topics, medical insurance, malpractice, and medical breakthroughs.
In the closet (8 Posts)
A discussion place for those who have kept their sexual orientation private from friends and family, either due to fear of discrimination, family disapproval, rejection, or other privacy issues.
Interracial (3 Posts)
This is for mixed-race couples and those who would like to be in one, including how to find others, cultural differences, and social acceptance issues.
Investing/money (1 )
This topic covers personal finance, investing, and finding your pot of gold.
Latex (2 Posts)
For groups who love latex clothing, toys, condoms, and who thank Charles Goodyear for inventing vulcanized rubber.
Leather Community (1 )
This is the place for those who love the feel and smell of leather clothes, and toys and those who participate in the Leather Community cultural traditions and events.
Massage (2 Posts)
For those interested in giving or receiving massage and discussing the best techniques.
Military Gay
Don't ask, Don't tell does not apply here. Share military stories, commiserate about commissary food, and find other gays who are serving their country.
For groups interested in photography, images, famous models and those who want to be a model.
Music (3 Posts)
For groups who love to listen to or play any kind of music, recording artists, struggling musicians, and groupies.
Older Couples/Older dating (4 Posts)
For couples who are getting older but are no less active, and for those who want to meet them.
Open Relationships (14 Posts)
The topic for open lifestyles, boundary and jealousy issues, and communication.
Out of the closet (5 Posts)
Post your coming out stories, how to steps, and cheer each other on through the process.
Politics (2 Posts)
Post your debates, political views, arguments, and political humor.
Religion/Beliefs (4 Posts)
Pagans, Christians, Muslims, or just plain Spiritual, this is the topic for you.
Safe Sex (10 Posts)
For groups practicing safe sex or wishing to learn more about it, including tools and techniques.
Sports fans can create groups about their favorite athlete, team, or just drool over the sexy physique of the local gym rats.
Transgender (4 Posts)
This topic is for those who blur the lines of traditional gender expression.
Transsexual (1 )
The spot for those who has undergone or is preparing to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
Transvestite/Drag Queens (4 Posts)
The place for people who dresses in the clothes and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex.
Travel (29 Posts)
For groups interested in travel for business or pleasure, including topics such as local gay bars/businesses, cultural differences, travel advice and warnings, and the best places to go.
Weddings/ Commitment Ceremony (3 Posts)
This topic covers courthouse commitment ceremonies and handfastings to gigantic weddings with all the trimmings.