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tricked   9/26/2009

This is not a date but it the first time i willingly did this.we were two young boys playing and my friend siad if i suck his dick then he would suck mine, well thisdid not happen we found an abandoned car got in the front seat, he took off his pants and i went down on him.I smelled his cock mmmm sooo nice, slowly stroked it then i licked it , head then shaft as i looked at him i took his dick ...

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redrubies 32 M
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What Should I Expect On A First Date?   3/22/2006

Depending on what type of person you are, expectations for a first date can be very different. But I would like to offer myself as a guide as to how a usual date should be conducted. Since you have decided to go out on a date with someone the preliminary task of seeing if you like this person should be established. It isn't very polite if you go out on a date with someone whom you know ...

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