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zule 46 M
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Biochemistry of submissiveness   4/7/2010

I wrote this paper for a BDSM Spanish publication, CUADERNOS DE BDSM and I translated it for another forum in fetlife. ...

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jasmine5199 59 M
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Size Does Matter, 100% Natural Penis Enlargement Program   3/9/2008

You can substantially increase your penis size up to one full inch in penis girth and up to three full inches in penis length, through a natural penis enhancement process, using the best penis enhancement product: XCEL Penile Enlargement Patches! Track your herbal penis enhancement progress with our penis size chart. offers an all natural, herbal penis enlargement ...

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moonraker1964 54 M
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Natural Treatments for Impotence   1/13/2008

This adult article investigates the main causes of male impotence or erectile dysfunction and takes a look at natural herbal or nutritional alternatives that could help treat the condition.

"You are old Father William", the young man said, "And your hair has become very white; And yet you incessantly stand on your head - Do you think that at your age it is right?"


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hasand 35 M
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Disabled but Still Able   2/10/2005

This is more of a health article than a spiritual one. I'm writing this more out of personal experience than anything else. <br> You see, all my life I've lived with a rare bone condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (0.I. for short.) It means that my bones are easier to break than most people's. Most people I meet, assume that because of my condition that I've had an ...

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Paul_G 59 M
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Is Spiritual a bad word.   2/6/2005

I have travelled most of North America. Lived in San Francisco and L.A. and now in Montreal after Toronto and the one thing I noticed is the lack of Spirituality in our culture. Yeah there is the Metropolitan Church and so on, but I mean a real sense of wanting to know who and what you are. <br> My whole life I have wondered these things and I have finally discovered enough ...

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Flashmon 56 M
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Recovering Roman Catholic   2/2/2005

Upon reviewing my writing during my convalescence I was disappointed that my points were poorly made and many questions seemed left unanswered. Im sorry that I have had so little encouragement to raise my head to question how it was that I and a rival had both received scholarships to attend the minor seminary training . The bishop gave me a big hug and fifty dollars after the sacrament ...

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