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THat's what I wanna know,   8/17/2012

THat's what I wanna know,

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mex8 33 M
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love & friendship   12/5/2007

can love "downgrade" back to friendship?

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chenellyns 46 M
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love,love,love.......   2/22/2007

LOVE.....4 letter's there's are many things are meaning of LOVE...but if you don't have a feelings to you're own to you're self about love what is the important about this 4 letter's LOVE if you don't have feelings....the most important if you want love to you're own you must have a (1) honest to you're self, (2) be a real to you're self, (3)knowing how to love (4) and gods fearing, thanks to him ...

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chenellyns 46 M
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im searching partners in life...   2/22/2007

im just trying to search someone person they can love me and accept me, what i'm who i'm'z if you choose me you never for get me in to youre life co'z im real....not plastic person.....

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talamar85041 56 M
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Older for Younger   10/8/2006

What exactly is this gay obsession with youth? Despite the fact that I don't understand it, I find myself right in the middle of the aforementioned situation. I like to think of myself as intelligent, witty and somewhat good looking, but yet when it comes to seeking relationships, I never even give anyone close to my own age a chance. My searches are always for those 18 - 25, and I am ...

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ryan_hunky 37 M
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Is he gay or straight?   9/17/2006

Hey guys
Well the thing is, there is this really cut guy that works at my local estate agent. He's normally there on his own.
he's so hot n cute n i wanna know if he's gay.
Whenever i pass the store, i normally give him a smile, and he smiles back, but this cud be just for customer service.
I cant approach him and speak to him so what can i do? I have ...

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PleasureGay 45 M
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Committed to a lesbian   6/9/2006

Has anyone had thoughts of being committed to a gay woman instead of a gay guy, because you want to live like most other people do with a view to raising a family through artificial methods etc. It would be interesting to get your views?

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sweet_honesty 34 M
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Thank You   1/25/2006


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bluehawk000 35 M
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more than friends   7/27/2005

Frienship is a living things that last as long as it nourish with love, understanding, and kind however we can biuld it up by trust with each other..

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Paul_G 59 M
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The greatest Love of all!   1/31/2005

"The only way I will ever be great to myself is not by what I do with the physical world around me , but rather what i do with my mind." ; Ramtha <br> Living your physical life is fun and should be exciting and striving to have it all is fine, however no matter what you acheive in this world it will only bring small feelings of being content that do not last. This includes your ...

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