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pandys 61 M
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Home Alone?   10/22/2005

It started out simply enough, I was visiting my sister and her husband for the week . They both work so I had the run of her house and I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in on my vacation. I woke late and assumed everyone had gone for work. I took a nice relaxing shower, Sis’s bathroom was warm and cozy so I took my time. When I went to put my towel in the hamper I noticed ...

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Think before you say something   7/3/2005

To those who say something about life in the closet... that they should come out...blah blah blah... please if you have not been in this situation, think before you say something. Because we all have different situations in life. <br> First thing this people need is support, understanding and positive encouragement. NOT ridiculous opinions.

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