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hotbottom60 58 M
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my first time to be taken out in public   11/22/2011

hope you all enjoy this as it certainly was my most feared moment::::::: This story hasn't been heard before I was quite a bit younger at the time. this older guy That lived behind my house stoped me at the alley one night. Is that your bedroom window right there? he pointed to mine, yes sir. Why becouse i've been watching you at night. I frozze what had he seen. Relax kid I ...

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aussiehotboy 55 M
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An Interesting Time in my Life.   2/11/2007

An Interesting time in my life........
ok...lets set the scene....
I am 16 near 17, had a bit of "fiddle" experience, but nothin serious.
My Father was a Police Officer of 32 years standing. My Brother, with wife, 4 kids, mortgage, the full deal... was a 20 yr Air force man.....
It went in 3 parts......

Brother and I are up to no good, ...

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redrubies 32 M
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When Is It Appropriate To Come Out?   3/22/2006

I know that a lot of people out there are active in the gay/bisexual lifestyle, but still haven't decided if it is right for them; therefore haven't decided to make it thier priority to claim it as their own (come out). The big question is, When is it appropriate to come out? When is the time right?...This can be a very big troubling question for many men and/or women who are gay/bisexual. ...

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Someone Special against the Closet   7/3/2005

Someone told me he really like me a lot and begged me to come out of the closet for him. But I challenged him that if he really love me, he will accept what I am and my decisions. But then I lost him, cause ive live all my life in the closet and i am enjoying the thrill it gives me. I hope I didnt lose the great love, or I will regret it forever...

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shawnshawn2005 49 M
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trying to figure out   3/25/2005

I seem to like striat acting gay or bi friends trying to figure out if I am bi or gay myself any coment's and ? welcome

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Flashmon 56 M
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Queer Hero? Who ME?   2/2/2005

Queer Hero? by John "Flash" Gordon (21 Oct, 2004) <br> Flash finds himself a 'Queer Hero' <br> 'Subject: Help me contact JohnFlashGordon' <br> This was what Flash was greeted with this when he opened his Hotmail account. The Cannabis web master had forwarded an urgent plea: "Hi, The e-mail address on your site won't accept my e-mail message to ...

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