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Tought the right way by the wrong people   10/10/2009

I was 10 years old desided to come home early from school. walked in the house went to the kitchen to get some soda heard noise in the basement so i went to see what it was.i saw my 3 three uncles and 4 four of their frends really goin at it .I have always dah a huge cock 9in at 10yo. girls would have nothing to do with cock got hard as i wacthed one of their frends saw me.he pulled my ...

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Flashmon 56 M
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Flash's speech on POT to Mental Health Workers of Vancouver   2/2/2005

Marijuana is the safest and most effective stimulant, relaxant, anti-depressant, pain killer and appetite stimulant known. <br> <br> Unlike other stimulants (like caffeine and tobacco) other relaxants (like alcohol and Valium) and other anti-depressants (like Prozac and chocolate), cannabis has no negative short or long term health effects, no record of death by ...

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